Throne monitors your gut health and hydration levels right from your toilet.

Throne uses a downward facing camera that discreetly captures video during each bathroom visit, which is then analyzed by advanced AI models.

These AI models are specifically trained to categorize and interpret the contents, providing valuable insights into your digestive and hydration status as part of your daily routine.

You clip Throne onto your toilet, pair it with your smartphone, and you’re good to go.

You’ll never have to touch the toilet, get your hands dirty, or deal with dipsticks and test strips – Throne offers truly hands-off, hygienic health tracking.

Throne is the most passive and easy-to-use health tracker you'll ever use.

We call it 'artificial gut intelligence'

Throne uses artificial intelligence trained by physicians to help you understand what your waste is trying to tell you about your health.

Throne’s AI is trained by a team of physicians who manually reviews anonymized images to classify poop as healthy or unhealthy, spot the nuances in urine color for hydration levels, and identify other health indicators in your waste.

Graph of the Throne gut health. model showing Bristol Stool Scale plotted against bowel movement frequency.

With Throne you can discover what food, supplements, and behavior changes work best for you

Throne’s AI knows when you have good or bad bowel movements and scores your gut health over time. Use the Throne app to track your food, medications, supplements, and activities to connect the dots on what contributes to your good (or bad) gut health.